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I see myself as a Trans Man although I haven't had the confidence to do much to transition yet, basically this means that I'm unfortunate enough to be a boy born in a girls body very embarassing at times.
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Goverment sucks all
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I'm a long serving Volunteer Gardener at the Sheffield Botanical Gardens having doen work experience with school in summer 2007 and the returnign in summer and Spetember 2008 to do regualr volunteering of between 1 - 5 days a week. I've also done some planting at Whinfell Quarry Gardens and am regularly doing a day every other week with the Sheffield City Centre team all of the above which are run by Sheffield City Council. I've just done a days volunteering with BTCV which I'm hoping to be able to start doing 1/2 a week regularly in the near future.
I like garadening (obvious one really!) I love all plants and most aspects of gardening but, I really like succulents and maintain the Greenhouses at the Botanical Gardens which have a wide range of plants in them, I also enjoy identifying plants. I'm also a Toyaholic or in other words into most things toy related particularly vintage toys and ones from my childhood. I like taking photos and drawing so far I use ordinary colour or grey pencils, watercolours and soft pastels. I love comics particularly Marvel comics, I'm a big Doctor Who fan along with a lot of the Gerry Anderson TV shows namely Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlett and I like a lot of old and modern comedy shows and have been a big fan of Formula 1 and Ferrari in particular for longer than I can remember. I love books and I've got small colections of postcards, stamps and stones/gems and the like.
Favorite Music:
Gerry And The Pacemakers and The Beatles are big favourites I also like many different artist including; Paul McCartney solo and with Wings, Steve Miller, Daryll Hall and John Oates, Little River Band, Supertramp, Stealers Wheel, The Monkees, Eric Clapton, Eagles, Mike And The Mechanics, Riverdance, Motown and I like some good musicals including Joseph and Greece
Favorite TV Shows:
Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlett, Formula 1, various comedy shows and kids TV, Gardners World, Top Gear, Gadget Show, 60's Batman etc.
Favorite Movies:
A good Disney classic like Toy Story, Aladin, Lion King etc., any Marvel film or most superhero films in general (Spiderman, X - Men, Thor, Iron Man, Green Hornet), Bicenntinal Man, Tin Tin
Favorite Books:
Anything good
Favorite Quotes:
I prefer to make my own for example I'm as Tough as Old Boots unfortunately my old boots have plenty of small holes in them!
Long serving Volunteer Gardener at Sheffield Botanical Gardens, Sheffield City Council (now)

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